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Razor wire coils on top a wire mesh fence. Confinement, prison and border security concept.

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        Secure the border.


               However, whichever, wherever. Just lock the damn thing down. Even a little bit.


               It’s time to stop the invasion.


               Not next year, this year.


               And anybody who can’t see that and won’t do that is either an idiot or a traitor.


               Or has their lips welded to Trump’s ass.


               Because for months Republicans in the Congress and Americans in the country have demanded action on the border. While the president wanted more billions for Ukraine, Americans wanted something done to stop the millions flooding across the border. As tens of thousands of invading illegal aliens disrespected our border and desecrated our homeland, Americans have demanded action.


               Right damn now.


               And Republicans have promised to give it to them.


               We threatened to shut down the government, we stonewalled on Ukraine, we even dragged our feet on Israel, all because we knew and told the American people that the border was the first priority. We pressured Biden and we pressured Schumer and the polls turned hard in our direction.


               And it worked.


               We got them to the table.


               Biden blinked and Schumer blinked and we got them to negotiate, and we were on the verge of doing what the American people want.


               And then Trump snapped his fingers.


               And all of a sudden it’s an about face. The deal is bad, it’s a Biden trick, the border can wait, we’ll put it on hold until next year. The heel-clicking Fox wannabes in the House, the mighty few, have sworn to obstruct any sort of agreement and the Trump choir on social media has turned to ripping those who support a border deal just as viciously as last week they ripped those who opposed a border deal.


               Good is bad and bad is good and last week if you weren’t concerned about the border it was because you don’t love America and this week if you are concerned about the border it’s because you don’t love Trump.


               And anybody who raises a question about it is a RINO or the deep state or a swamp creature.


               And so it is that the Republican Party has been ordered by its presumptive leader to abandon the position of the American people and to adopt the position of AOC and Ilhan Omar – who also oppose a border deal.


               And the hundreds of thousands will continue to stream across the border, a nation-killing flood of illegal aliens which is overwhelmingly comprised of unaccompanied, military-aged men from nations and cultures that hate the United States. Eagle Pass is the Normandy beach of this century’s great invasion, and Donald Trump says we should do nothing.


               At least not until he can take credit for it.


               His argument, apparently, is that it’s better to suffer another two or three million to colonize and infiltrate our homeland than for him to lose a campaign advantage. We must suffer to benefit him. We must suffer a problem to go unsolved so he can boast of solving that problem further down the road.


               Which is insane.


               A half a loaf is better than no loaf, and it will hold you until you get a good meal. A border deal with Biden and Schumer, forced by Republican pressure on behalf of the American people, will be partial and imperfect – and a hell of a lot better than doing nothing. Common sense says that you do what you can with this president and this Congress, and then after the next election, you see what more you can do with that president and that Congress. When you need lifesaving surgery, getting in the ambulance can do you some good until you get to the operating room.


               A border deal now is getting in the ambulance. It lets the patient survive until the next election hires a new surgeon.


               Refusing a border deal that we forced the Democrats to make is ridiculous, and shows the American people that the Republican Party is about politics, not principles. We did one thing because our consciences told us to, and we did another thing because Trump told us to.


               That seems like a great way to screw the nation and lose the election.


               Yet that’s exactly what the Republican Party is about to do.

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