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President Biden Speaks At A Union Training Facility In Maryland

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        Joe Biden is enfeebled and evil, a dishonest man who promotes hate and division, and who threatens the very heart and continued existence of the United States of America.


               His only equal is Donald Trump.


               Both are insurrectionists who have violated the letter and spirit of their oaths; both are Vietnam draft dodgers risen through vile manipulations to the top of the dung heaps which are our two political parties. One ignores election results and the other ignores Supreme Court decisions and each is a tyrant of such vanity as to place all other interests beneath personal ambition.


               And so it is that the leading candidates for their parties’ presidential nominations are also the two most despised and reviled men in the nation, with each trying to hide his own failings behind the failings of the other. It was a race to the bottom and these are the dregs.


               And so it is that in the dark of an April dawn a video uttered forth from whatever basement it is Joe Biden is going to hide in this election. Not a live speech, with its potential for gaffs and miscues, but an edited and polished video, with hate images and any glitches or drifts left on the cutting room floor.


               Joe Biden is doing to America what he did to the Kabul airport – abandoning us to ruin at home and abroad. Never have two years seen the prospects of any nation reversed as dramatically as those of the United States under the administration of Joe Biden. His fecklessness brought war to Ukraine, China to new prominence, and the movement of allies like Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Brazil into the sphere of our enemies.


               He has weakened our economy, crippled our military and divided our society.


               He has depleted both our strategic petroleum reserve and our stockpiles of military equipment and ammunition.


               He has accumulated debt at a rate of nearly a trillion dollars every six months while simultaneously imposing choking restrictions on our oil and gas industries and impossible burdens on our electrical infrastructure and generation capacity. He has created a near certain national energy collapse in the next decade or two.


               His ridiculous spending, virtually all of which went to pay off his political supporters, triggered the highest inflation in a half century, which still runs some two and a half times higher than historical norms. The average American family lost some 15% of its spending power, forcing many into new debt and diminished lifestyles.


               And as the nation faces a debt ceiling, he has refused for more than 80 days to even meet with the speaker of the House to discuss a way to lift it. When called upon to promise some sort of spending restraint in exchange for the lifting of the debt limit, he has angrily refused, dishonestly framing the issue as an attack on his constituents’ welfare payments.


               Under two years of the Biden Administration, more illegal aliens crossed the southern border and found refuge in the American homeland that did during the 12 combined years of the Obama and Trump administrations. The first year of Biden alone saw more illegals come into the country than during the eight years under Obama. And all of that happened while he and his vice president refused for months to visit or speak on the border, and while the administration insisted that the border was secure.


               But perhaps his greatest crime is against the tattered social fabric of our Republic. Biden’s coalition is welded together by hate, as has always been the case with tyrants and despots. Hardly a speech comes from his TelePrompTer that doesn’t ridicule and mock Republicans. Americans who exercise their right to disagree with the government are decried and denounced as enemies of the society. There is nothing but invective against Americans whose lone offense is having voted against the president or not affiliated with his party.


               Joe Biden is a man well advanced in senility. He sometimes can neither walk nor speak in a conventional manner. His entire career has been spent in the cesspool of partisan infighting and personal aggrandizement. He is a plagiarist who refused to accept the fact he was going bald, and after three unsuccessful attempts to become president, without ever winning a primary or caucus, his party was forced to turn to him.


               And we are stuck with him.


               And now, at 80, envisioning a presidency that will run until he is 86, he announces he’s staying.


               And his party and our nation are stuck with him.


               A vile failure of a man, likely to face another vile failure of a man. Two presidents of abysmal character facing one another in an election where the nation will try to decide which man it hates less.


               When the wicked rule, the people mourn.


               That was the subtext of the Joe Biden announcement this morning, and it may well be history’s epitaph for the era through which our nation is passing.


               An era we hope and pray our nation is capable of surviving.

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