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Handheld Transgender Pride Flag at Bristol Trans Rights March

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        When it comes to adolescent transgenderism, the questions not only aren’t answered, they aren’t asked.


               The phenomenon of gender confusion is sweeping through the middle schools of the developed world and no one is asking why or expressing alarm. A fundamental defining aspect of not only our species but all mammals is, in the matter of three or four years, questioned and rejected, and nobody is curious about that?


               Doesn’t that seem odd?


               Gender is defined genetically and has expressed itself in millions of species around the planet since geologic time, yet when the rate of gender confusion among American adolescents multiplies almost a hundred fold in less than a decade, nobody finds that unusual or worthy of comment?


               Does it mean nothing to the family doctors or the child psychiatrists? Are the biologists and environmental scientists not even the least bit curious?


               The answer is no.


               And the reason is progressive orthodoxy, what used to be called political correctness. Everybody is afraid of being cancelled, nobody wants to cross the activists, they all know not to step out of line. And so science, our protector in ages past, that great bastion of professed objectivity, cowers and complies, betraying both itself and us.


               And children will pay. Now, and for the rest of their lives.


               Certainly, all children should be loved, supported and accepted. Without exception. But they should also be protected and guided, safeguarded from the wayward political agendas of adults and movements fighting to control society.


               That’s not happening now.


               In fact, just the opposite is happening. Middle and high school students are being recruited and groomed, steered into gender confusion by Tik Tok influencers and activist teachers bringing “change” and fighting the revolution. By a simple assertion of a pronoun or name change, an adolescent craving acceptance becomes a member of a protected class and a hero to applauding progressives.


               And the questions go unasked. If gender confusion is a naturally occurring phenomenon, why does it occur in clusters? And why do its rates vary dramatically from school district to school district, and from state to state? If there’s something in the genome or in the water, if this is a born-this-way condition, why does it present so sporadically?


               It does so because it is a product of group psychology, something between Tide pod eating and mass hysteria. We are a pack species and we learn and gain acceptance by mimicry – especially during adolescence and young adulthood. That can help us, or it can hurt us. Right now it is empowering a gender-dysmorphic self-identification which is incentivized and rewarded by schools and teachers, and the broader progressive popular culture.


               Pressure builds on students in elementary school to announce their pronouns and declare whether they are gay or straight, boy or girl, or some hodgepodge. Peer pressure and bullying builds against those who don’t rally around whichever multi-colored flag that particular teacher chooses to hang in her room. Being trans or gay becomes something of a club, a junior sorority, and sixth-graders find themselves confused and pressured.


               And some find themselves in the hands of medical practitioners with hormones and scalpels, eager to mutilate and suppress whatever mistake they claim nature has made. Hospitals with patients in beds in the corridors waiting days for rooms and months for specialists nonetheless post videos offering their services to children “assigned” the wrong gender at birth.


               In states where you can’t use a tanning booth until you’re 18, you can have your breasts removed before they’ve truly grown in. The state won’t let a teen-ager get a tattoo or shoot a BB gun, but it will allow a doctor to prescribe chemicals which will forever destroy that teen-ager’s ovaries or testes.


               And nobody’s curious about that?


               Doesn’t that seem odd?


               The Bible, Darwin and DNA all say humans come in male and female, with those identities being innate and eternal. And we have rejected that without question or explanation in a tiny handful of years? The understanding of all cultures though all eras of time is rejected out of hand in submission to the whim of increasingly totalitarian progressives?


               That’s the way the modern world works?


               Certainly, we are all individuals, and in this country we believe we each have the right to pursue our own happiness. That includes, obviously, calling yourself whatever you want and living however you want. And the live-and-let-live backbone of American culture means we tend to mind our own business and live our own lives.


               But when a dramatic departure from human history explodes onto the scene, putting future families and future happiness at risk for millions of children, and nobody says a word, that’s not being woke, that’s being cowardly.


               And it’s abandoning our children, who have a claim on us for protection.


               If this is real, then we need to study it and best support these young people.


               But if it’s not real, we need to root out the source of this confusion.


               Because right now, boy or girl, America’s youth can identify as pawns in a culture war raging far above their heads.

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