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Astacio Booted From ROC Bar For Using Sister's ID

Troubled Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio was in two East End bars Saturday night, and ended up being kicked out of one for using an ID that wasn't her own.

She first went to Brass, where at the door she showed her sister's driver's license. The purpose of that seems to have been to conceal her identity.

(Purported video of Astacio inside Brass)

Purported video of Astacio inside Brass

People recognized her and she left Brass, crossing the street to Murphy's Law, where she again used her sister's driver's license to get in.

Security at Murphy's Law recognized her and knew the ID wasn't hers and confronted her over it. She became very confrontational, angrily denouncing the bar staff for, as she claimed, trying to embarrass her.

This exchange was witnessed by Rochester police.

Judge Astacio, who has been recommended for removal from office by the Judicial Conduct Commission, was asked to leave the bar.

Rochester police subsequently asked for screen grabs of the devices which scanned the IDs Judge Astacio presented at Brass and Murphy's Law.

(Screen grab from the device which scanned the ID Astacio provided security)

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