Child Sex Abuse Victim Wins $5.4Mil Verdict Against Siena Catholic Academy

A victim of childhood sexual assault has been awarded a $5.4 million jury verdict in a case brought against Siena Catholic Academy.

The victim is a Brighton man identified only as LG 55 Doe in court filings to protect his privacy.

Doe is now an adult in his 30s, but from 2002-to-2004 he attended Middle School at Siena Catholic Academy.

It was there he met Father Joseph Grasso, the Catholic Priest who served as the academy's principal.

Grasso used his position to have Doe pulled out of his classes and sexually assault him in the sacristy of the adjacent Saint Thomas Moore Church.

He filed suit in 2020 after New York adopted the Child Victim's Act.

His law firm says the jury verdict in Doe's favor this week was unanimous.

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