Car Thief gets into a stolen car

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 The criminal justice system exists to protect society, and criminals.


               Democrats should remember that.


               As New York Democrats find ever more ways to decriminalize crime and empower bad behavior, they need to realize that that is going to get some criminals killed.


               Foolish laws don’t just endanger innocent victims, who Democrats don’t give a damn about, they also endanger criminals, the protected class of the progressive left.


               Ja’Hod Snow is an example of that.


               He stole a woman’s car and her husband came looking for it. That didn’t turn out well for Ja’Hod. He ended up against a tree on Laser Street, an 18-year-old shot dead.


               And that’s a heartbreak.


               But not a big heartbreak.


               Because human nature, as seen through history and across cultures, shows that humans will take care of business. For most of a couple hundred years in America, we’ve taken care of business with cops and courts. But when the cops and courts don’t get it done, we take care of it ourselves.


               That’s a reality the Democrats need to own.


               Because when Ja’Hod drove off in somebody else’s car, he faced virtually no penalty from the law. If apprehended, he would be immediately released on an appearance ticket, per the “anti-racist bail reform” of the Democratic Party. And, if he was like a fair percentage of thieves in the car-stealing capital of the United States, his ass would be in somebody else’s seat before the day was out.


               And if he should actually go to trial someday and get convicted, the prison sentence would be short and the parole date would be soon, and once on parole, he could steal another car or two with no risk of having his parole violated.


               Thanks to the Democrats.


               And the criminals know that. And facing a situation where there are no consequences for illegal conduct, they simply engage in more illegal conduct. Criminals know the law can’t touch them.


               And so do victims.


               And that pisses some of them off.


               And so it was that, back in June, waking up to an empty driveway, a man got his illegal 9 millimeter – Democrats make it almost impossible for a man living in the city to get a legal 9 millimeter – turned on the GPS and went looking for his wife’s car. He found it, and the hoodlums in it, and under circumstances not yet reported, shots were fired and Ja-Hod was dead.


               And the husband who pulled the trigger, Byron Bell, is up on charges of second-degree murder.


               If they put up an account to pay for his lawyer, I’d put some money in it.


               Because when the cops can’t come for hours, and they can’t hold the creeps they catch, at a certain point, human nature being human nature, what Byron Bell did starts to make sense.


               Which is why we have law, and why what the Democrats have done is so dangerous to society.


               Because the criminal justice system isn’t just to protect society, it’s to protect criminals.


               And without it, car thieves get dealt with by angry husbands with guns, and child molesters get dealt with by fathers and uncles with baseball bats. You can call it vigilantism or you can call it justice, but whatever it is, it grows when the government fails in its most basic responsibility.


               And you wonder if maybe all the pro-criminal Democrat “reforms” are just a way to promote chaos, either to topple American society or to give big-government progressives an excuse to take over like the dictators they aspire to be.


               Because what started at the Boys and Girls Club can sometimes end in a parking lot at East Avenue and Union Street, and what started in a quiet driveway can end against a tree on Laser Street, and today’s uncharged homicide is resolved by tomorrow’s retaliation.


               It’s the wild, wild west, and a Democrat dream.


               When the law won’t hold criminals accountable, when the government fails in its responsibilities, the citizens take that duty back.


               That’s what Byron Bell did.


               And while it’s sad what happened to Ja’Hod Snow, there aren’t many people mourning him. Because, in the reality of life, more people identify with Byron Bell than identify with Ja’Hod Snow.


               And I’m one of them.

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