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 From the roof of the downtown Holiday Inn, you can hear the gunshots from the northeast and southwest, where families cower in their beds knowing that at any moment a stray round could come through the wall and kill them. From the roof of the downtown Holiday Inn, you can look down on the streets of Rochester where homeless people sleep on benches and huddle in doorways, trying to get out of the rain.


               From the roof of the downtown Holiday Inn, you can see the County Office Building and City Hall and the Federal Building, where the county executive and the mayor and the congressman sit behind marble walls at hardwood desks with nicely pressed pocket squares and their heads up their asses.


               That’s what you can see from the roof of the downtown Holiday Inn. What you see downstairs, in the lobby, and roaming the halls to the rooms, is the lunacy of incompetent governance and the impact of a political philosophy that seems to delight in chaos, disorder, and violence. This is where the county executive decided to put the first of many busloads of people who entered the United States illegally and who, after coaching by coyotes and non-profit activists, filed for asylum. There are two hotels downtown, and this one is given over to illegal aliens, put up at taxpayer expense, their meals provided and their beds made, while little black kids a quarter mile away live in arguably the poorest conditions in America.


               Welcome to Rochester, a sanctuary city, and the week-old migrant meltdown brought to you by a president who won’t protect the country, a governor who won’t protect the state, and an executive who won’t protect the county.


               And now they’ve called in the National Guard.


               Just a week after announcing the arrival of migrants and boasting that his leadership had shown the state how it’s supposed to be done, Monroe County Executive Adam Bello has had a meltdown. Seriously. He stood up, condemned other counties for their lack of compassion, bragged that his screening process was bold and brilliant, that his plan was sound and sure -- and then he crapped the bed. There were only 77 migrants, and 20 of them flew the coop at their first opportunity. That left him with something like 50 people, put up in a three-star hotel at taxpayer expense, and that was too much for him to handle.


               So six days in he was on the phone to mommy at the Governor’s Mansion begging for help.


               And the National Guard is on the way.


               Which is ironic.


               Because just last week the president of City Council held a press event to mock a county legislator who has asked repeatedly for the National Guard to come in and help protect a city where mass shootings are common. One street with 12 people shot in one day is kind of a lot and kind of unnerving to the neighbors and the defunded police department is the little Dutch boy whose finger isn’t doing much good in the dike.


               And the National Guard is coming.


               But not for that.


               No, not for that. Not to protect the lives of Americans.


               But to clean up the political mess of the Democrats.


               Kathy Hochul and Adam Bello are calling out the National Guard to help the county tend to its migrants. Apparently, the Holiday Inn is short of people to make beds and deliver room service. Plus, somebody’s got to clean the pool. Maybe there will be a briefing on how, in America, it’s ok to put toilet paper in the toilet.


               Maybe the Democrats felt the migrants would feel more at home with uniformed soldiers patrolling the hallways of their hotel.


               Have there been public safety problems with Adam Bello’s illegal aliens? Not that anybody’s said anything about. Eighty miles away, in another county, two potential Democrats were accused of sexual assault, but nothing here. And yet the National Guard is coming.


               Not for the 33 murders in Rochester, but for the two rapes in Cheektowaga.


               Not to serve and protect Americans, but to babysit foreigners.


               And to make Kathy Hochul and Adam Bello look like something other than the dithering incompetents they are.

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