Survey Shows Rochester's Police Accountability Board Has an Image Problem

A survey by the Rochester City Council shows the city's Police Accountability Board has an image problem.

The survey of more than 600 people -- online and in-person -- found mostly negative opinions about the PAB.....

Five-hundred-22 people found the trouble-plagued agency was "not effective." Eighty-four said "somewhat effective," and only 28 said either "effective" or "very effective."

More than 500 people said they were "not confident" in the PAB's ability to carry out its mission of ensuring accountability for police conduct in Rochester. Most of the survey respondants felt the agency lacked an active presence in the community and is not transparent to the public, despite hosting most of its meetings online.

Most said they would dissolve or defund the Police Accountability Board. Others said the PAB should be more communicative.

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