RCSD Substitute Teacher Accused of Abusing 1st-Grade Student

The parents of a School No. 50 student say their son had to go to the hospital Tuesday after he was manhandled by a substitute teacher.

The parents tell 13 WHAM their son stumbled and bumped into one of his friends, but the teacher apparently believed he deliberately shoved the other boy.

Seven-year-old Matthias Tucker's mother says security footage shows the sub picked her son up by the shoulders and shoved him against a wall.

Another teacher saw the incident, got Matthias away from the substitute and out of the room. He later went to the hospital complaining of head, shoulder and back pain.

He tells 13 WHAM he was afraid to go to school today, and afraid for his friend...

The Rochester City School District says the other teacher witnessed the substitute acting "verbally inappropriate and physical" with the student and immediately reported it.

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