Black Rochester Firefighter Sues City, Fire Dept. Over Alleged Racist Party

The black Rochester firefighter who said last summer his supervisor took him, while on duty, to a racist party mocking the Juneteenth holiday is suing the City, the fire department and the now-former supervisor, Jeffrey Krywy.

Jerrod Jones filed the lawsuit in federal court, claiming he was in a racially hostile, discriminatory work environment.

He alleges a pattern of harassment over 15 years, beginning with his recruitment and training and continuing through the party.

He is seeking at least $4 million in damages for emotional distress and another $1 million for damage to his reputation.

His attorney is civil rights lawyer Nate McMurray, who says Jones saw Scott Peters at the party.

Peters is now the Irondequoit Police Chief, has denied he was at the party, and is suing McMurray.

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