Investigation Expands into RG&E, NYSEG

New York State's Department of Public Service has expanded its investigation into billing problems with Rochester Gas and Electric and New York State Electric and Gas.

The state says its Consumer Advocate will host a series of public forums beginning next month to hear customer concerns over RG&E and NYSEG first hand.

The Public Service Department says more than 40 counties across the state may be affected.

The department says it began seeing a spike in complaints about billing problems following a September change in the computer and billing systems at both companies.

Complaints ranged from bills going out very late, to incorrect bills with unusually high amounts being charged.

The department says anyone who believes they've had this problem should contact the utility first....then call the Department of Public Service Consumer Service Department if that doesn't bring any results.

RG&E has said there are several reasons customers may be seeing higher bills: the cost of electricity they buy to pass on to customers has risen, and the company has caught up with meter readings it let slide during the COVID pandemic.

They say some customers could be seeing what amounts to a three month bill.

RG&E and NYSEG are both subsidiaries of AVANGRID, a utility conglomerate based in Spain.

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