Former President Trump Holds Rally In Support Of Ohio Senate Candidate JD Vance

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        I denounce Donald Trump.


               His disrespect for the Constitution is unacceptable to me, goes contrary to oaths both he and I have sworn, and endangers our Republic.


               So, yes, I denounce Donald Trump.


               But he’s not the only one.


               Using the Constitution for toilet paper is a pretty common practice for American politicians, and each one of them is an enemy of democracy and a traitor to our heritage as a result.


               Here are some recent examples.


               Just last week, the majority leader of the United States Senate specifically sidestepped an amendment to his gay-marriage bill that would have protected that institution while also affirming the religious free-exercise clause of the First Amendment.


               Chuck Schumer chose to debase and devalue an enumerated constitutional right.


               He chose to ignore the First Amendment.


               And the Tenth, because his gay-marriage bill clearly exceeds any powers given the federal government and legislates unabashedly in an area undeniably reserved for the states.


               Yes, Donald Trump tried to disregard the Electoral College, and that is wrong. But Chuck Schumer disregarded the First and Tenth amendments, violating both an individual liberty and the constitutional concept of federalism, and that is also wrong.


               Actually, it’s a specific kind of wrong – it’s treasonous. Because ignoring the constitutional order of our Republic is to subvert the nature of our nation and to disregard the sovereignty of “we the people.”


               Here’s another one.


               New York Gov. Kathy Hochul was angered this summer by a Supreme Court decision which overturned part of a New York handgun law. She was offended by the court and by the audacity of New York residents seeking redress of grievances against the state government by resort to the federal courts.


               New Yorkers exercised their rights as American citizens, and that pissed her off.


               So she got revenge.


               She passed the most restrictive anti-handgun law in the nation, making it almost always illegal to carry a handgun outside one’s home or vehicle. She slammed the door on the Supreme Court and her subjects.


               And she violated the Constitution in doing so. She rejected Amendment 2 and Article III. One gives New Yorkers the right to carry a gun, and the other establishes and empowers the federal judiciary, including the Supreme Court.


               She disregarded the powers of the courts and the rights of the people.


               And rejecting the Supreme Court is just as much an act of insurrection as rejecting the Electoral College. It is the same species of treason and oath breaking.


               Then there’s President Joe Biden, who just last week pushed the Democrat Congress to mandate by law that workers in four railroad unions accept the terms and obligations of a contract which they had specifically rejected by membership vote. In one fell swoop, the president and his party rejected the American belief in the freedom of the worker and the workplace, and the concept of collective bargaining. They did that by dishonestly distorting the interstate commerce clause of the Constitution in a way never before imagined in the American Republic.


               You could also argue that the government-mandated pact disregarded the Thirteenth Amendment’s prohibition of involuntary servitude.


               These are all violations of the Constitution, and functionally treasonous as a result.


               Chuck Schumer, Kathy Hochul and Joe Biden are just as bad as Donald Trump.


               In fact, they are worse. There is a dramatic difference in their actions which sets them apart from Donald Trump. He disrespects the Constitution with his words, they disrespect the Constitution with their deeds.


               Donald Trump is a private citizen with no governmental power or prerogative.


               Chuck Schumer, Kathy Hochul and Joe Biden exercise the power of the government and directly impact people’s rights and lives.


               Donald Trump can talk forever and it does no one any harm. Chuck Schumer, Kathy Hochul and Joe Biden have all in recent acts directly diminished people’s liberty and derailed constitutional function. They have used the power of government as a weapon against liberty and democracy.


               So, yes, I denounce Donald Trump.


               But any pretense that he is the only or primary threat to our constitutional Republic is insane or dishonest. The Democrats who control the governments of New York and the United States wouldn’t recognize the Constitution if it jumped up and bit them on the ass. Their attacks on Trump are posturing and projection.


               They denounce in him what they see in themselves.


               And it’s time to call them on it.


               The Constitution is not a list of suggestions, it is – as Article VI states – “the supreme law of the land.”


               And it’s time all of them started obeying it.

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