If you’re pro-criminal, vote Democrat.


               If you’re not, vote Republican.


               This year, in this state, in this election, it’s that simple. The results of Democrat policies are so devastating, and so deadly, that they have pushed aside even inflation as the top issue for New York voters.


               The $500 extra a month the Democratic president and Congress are costing the average New York family pales beside the rampant criminality unleashed by criminal-justice “reforms” forced upon New Yorkers by the Democrats’ one-party rule in Albany.


               Children are being shot, police officers are being killed, commuters are being thrown in front of subway trains, thieves have made an industry of emptying New York stores. And the Democrats in Albany are at fault.


               That’s a bold statement, but it’s borne out by crime statistics that show a direct correlation between soft-on-crime Democrat legislation and a spike in violence. Democrats made it almost impossible for anyone to be held on bail, they turned thousands loose from prison, they eliminated almost all grounds for revoking parole, they made it harder for prosecutors to prosecute, and they removed accountability for most juvenile crimes.


               They defunded and defamed the police, they fed into lies about white supremacy and institutional racism, and they went to war on the rule of law.


               The consequence has been horrific crime, a bloodletting all across the state. Disproportionally, the slain and mangled victims have been black. But all have suffered, and all have cried for relief.


               And all have been ignored.


               The Democratic officeholders responsible for this carnage have dug their heels in. They have refused to convene a special session to fix their reforms, they have defended their position and accused critics of fearmongering and conspiracy. They have lied about statistics and reality, and distorted the issue at every turn.


               They have refused to fix things, even in the face of requests from local officials of their own party.


               So the issue becomes very simple.


               If you’re pro-criminal, vote Democrat.


               If you’re not, vote Republican.


               That’s not pissy partisanship, that’s hard reality. In the face of incumbent Democrats who refuse to act in the interest of the people of New York, the people of New York will have to act to remove those incumbent Democrats.


               Here’s who I mean specifically: The governor and attorney general, the Democrat state senators and assemblymen, and the Democrat federal senator. These are the people in power, they are the ones who made this mess, they are the ones standing in the way of cleaning it up.


               In each of those races, wherever you live in New York, vote for the Republican candidate. This isn’t a time for subtlety, this is a time for decisive action. In the world of New York politics and governance, where Democrats control everything, it’s time for another perspective at the table, it’s time for accountability.


               Vote against the people with the blood on their hands.


               Vote for the people with an R next to their name.


               Specifically, in the Rochester and Syracuse metropolitan areas: Lee Zeldin for governor; Michael Henry for attorney general; Joe Pinion for federal senator; La’Ron Singletary and Brandon Williams for Congress; James VanBrederode, Len Morrell, Julie Abbott and Rebecca Shiroff for state Senate; and Karen Ayoub, Dominick Ciciarelli, Joe Chenelly, Orlando Rivera, Marcus C. Williams and Tracy DiFlorio for Assembly.


               This isn’t about being partisan, this is about being safe.


               And the Democrats have shown they will not keep you safe.


               The only red wave in New York is the blood of victims of the Democrats’ one-party failure to protect your family and your community. They’ve shown they’re not going to do anything about that.


               So you’ve got to show them.


               You’ve got to show them the door.


               You’ve got to put someone at the table who will speak for victims and safety.


               It turns out New York doesn’t belong to the Democratic Party, and tomorrow you’re going to remind them of that.

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