Hilton School Board Supports Superintendent

The Hilton Central School Board has issued a statement of confidence in School Superintendent Dr. Casey Kosiorek; but it also says it's securing transcripts of the testimony from the Kirk Ashton trial as it decides what action the board should take in response.

Ashton was the former principal of Hilton's Northwood Elementary School. He was found guilty last month on 46 out of 50 counts of child abuse for inappropriately touching two dozen students.

School Board President Mark Hilburger credits Superintendent Kosiorek with developing Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Action Plans to guide Hilton Central in moving forward on the road to recovery for the district. In a letter to parents, Hilburger says the district will secure the trial transcripts and review them carefully before deciding on "responsive actions" to what was revealed in that testimony.

Former Northwood Elementary Assistant Principal Kelley O'Connell-Byrne was placed on leave from her current job at Village Elementary after testifying that she saw male students sitting on Ashton's lap, but felt "uncomfortable" talking with her superiors about it.

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