Report Details Coverup in Former Greece Police Chief's Crash

The special investigator's report about the conduct of Greece police after then-Chief Drew Forsythe's October crash includes more details of the coverup.

In part, Forsythe misled his subordinates and town officials, but the report shows officers also knowingly and unknowingly helped coverup his drunken driving and the seriousness of the crash.

Names of the officers under investigation have been left off the report by investigator Joe Mirabito.

But it includes these details: Two officers -- who showed up when Forsythe's wrecked car broke down -- said they did not observe any physical sign of intoxication, did not detect an odor of alcohol, and did not ask if he'd been drinking. Some officers were aware of where Forsythe was just prior to the crash but did not tell officers on the scene.

Forsythe lied when he told an officer to tell a reporter alcohol was not involved. A reporter who tried to photograph the wrecked car the day after the crash was told by the Town Clerk to leave the impound lot.

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