National Guard Troops to Augment Staff at Monroe County Nursing Facilities

New York's Lt. Governor says the state is sending medically-trained members of the National Guard to help staff nursing homes in Monroe County, and eventually other communities statewide.

Lt. Governor Brian Benjamin and Monroe County Executive Adam Bello say they'll be arriving by the end of the week....

The Lt. Governor couldn't say if these National Guard soldiers are being moved from civilian jobs at other health care facilities around the state....potentially causing MORE staff shortages elsewhere.

Meanwhile, County Executive Bello again called on people to get COVID booster shots....

Bello also said he won't order a mask mandate for Monroe County at this time, saying he's approaching the high number of COVID cases "with a scalpel, not a sledgehammer." For now, the county's COVID emergency order settles for advising people to wear masks and ordering them only in county-run facilities. Bello declared the state of emergency on Tuesday.

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