WATCH: Rochester Police Release Footage of Remington St. Arrest

Rochester police have released Blue Light Camera footage showing the arrest of two men on Remington Street. The arrests of Jarvis and Travis Lewis became controversial because of cell phone video released on social media that appeared to show an investigator kicking Jarvis Lewis as officers held him down on the street.

The reverse angle shown by the surveillance camera shows the officer was kicking a gun out of Jarvis Lewis's hand. Officers on the original cell phone video can be heard yelling that Jarvis has a gun.

The video also shows neighborhood residents running up to the scene. Some of them are pepper-sprayed as they refuse police orders to get back.

Police arrested both Jarvis Lewis and Travis Lewis following the incident. Jarvis Lewis faces assault, resisting arrest, and gun and drug charges. Travis Lewis is charged with obstructing officers and resisting. One investigator has been placed on administrative duty and police say this is still an ongoing investigation.