Christopher Pate Arrested Again by Rochester Police

Rochester police say a city man and woman have been arrested in a robbery and assault that led to another woman's death.

51-year-old Alicia Saladyga was assaulted on April 7th and had property stolen from her hotel room. She was hospitalized for her injuries, but her condition got worse and she died on April 22nd.

Today, police identified 34-year-old Christopher Pate and 44-year-old Jennifer Shea as suspects in the case. Both were arrested without incident on charges of second degree assault, second degree robbery and first degree burglary. They face arraignment tomorrow morning (Fri) in Rochester City Court.

Investigators say they're waiting on an autopsy from the Monroe County Medical Examiner to determine if the case will be ruled a homicide. If so, additional charges may be presented to a grand jury.

Shea and Pate were both out of jail on a second degree assault charge for attacking a man on River Street with a razor blade and a hammer. Pate was released without bail after that arrest, and Shea was eventually released on $2,500 bond.

This is the same Christopher Pate who is suing the city of Rochester over being beaten by Rochester Police in 2018 when they mistook him for a burglary suspect. An officer was convicted of assault and two officers were fired.