Gates Police Say Carjacking Gang Has Struck at Least 14 Times

Gates Police Chief James VanBrederode says a 71-year-old Irondquoit man who was fatally shot on Buell Road this morning was the victim of a carjacking gang that has been active across Monroe County and the City of Rochester over the past week. Chief VanBrederode appeared at a news conference with other town police chiefs, saying the two suspects have struck at least 14 times since March 28th. They have grown more ruthless and violent as they continued to hold people up.

VanBrederode called this a "brazen act of violence" in broad daylight. He says the two criminals will sometimes tap a bumper, wait for the victim to get out of the car and rob them. Other victims have been boxed in by a black sedan and then robbed at gunpoint, while some have been followed home and robbed there when they got out of their car.

Police from Gates, Greece, Irondequoit and Webster have set up a task force based at Gates PD to catch the carjackers. They ask anyone with information to call 911 or the task force at 429-8275.

VanBrederode says the task force is also working with other counties. The Livingston County Sheriff's Office has warned of similar carjackings. He said the carjackers appear to choose their victims at random, which makes for as very dangerous situation.