Cuomo Pushes Work From Home Order Back Another 2 Weeks

Governor Andrew Cuomo has extended his order for non-essential workers to stay home across New York State for another two weeks, to April 15. Cuomo says there's no question the order is still needed. He says the rate of hospitalizations downstate is still slowing doubling every six days instead of every other day...but the number of cases is still going up.

At his Sunday briefing, the governor said he plans to ask Upstate hospitals to handle overflow patients from New York City when the peak of coronavirus infections hits in another two or three weeks. He says he expects downstate hospitals to do the same for Upstate patients when the peak wave rolls across Upstate as well.

Cuomo also said the state now has close to 60,000 COVID-19 cases...with more than 2,000 people in intensive care. But on the positive side, 3,500 patients have now gotten well and been discharged from the hospital.

And the governor says he supports the CDC Travel Advisory asking people not to travel from New York, New Jersey or Connecticut to other states. He says it's nothing different from telling people to stay home.

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