Cuomo: Criminal Sanctions Lifted for 'Gravity Knives'

Governor Cuomo has signed a new law which removes criminal sanctions associated with possessing so-called gravity knives.That follows a court ruling in March that state law was too vague and unconstitutional.

Gravity knives are commonly sold at hardware and sporting goods stores and are used for work purposes.

The judge had ruled people should be able to know with certainty whether carrying a gravity knife is lawful.The law still allows law enforcement to pursue those who those the knives unlawfully.

Cuomo signs bill lifting ban on 'gravity knives'

ALBANY - Gov. Cuomo signed a new law Thursday living the ban on the possession of "gravity knives" - or pocket knives. The ban had been in place since 1958. Cuomo vetoed similar measures in 2016 and 2017 because of objections from law enforcement, but a federal judge in March declared the ban unconstitutional, concluding it encourages "arbitrary and discriminatory enforcement."

NY State Senate Bill S4863

Removes references of gravity knives as a dangerous weapon from certain provisions of the penal law relating to firearms and other dangerous weapons.

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