Woodstock 50: Back On... Again

Woodstock 50 is back on.

A New York judge has ruled that the Japanese finance company Dentsu had no right to cancel the festival.

He also ruled, though, that the company does not have to return the nearly 18-million-dollars that Woodstock co-founder Michael Lang alleged it had taken from the festival's bank account. Dentsu said in court hearings this week that it stopped working on the festival because organizers didn't have a mass gathering permit or sufficient security.

Woodstock 50 is set for August 16th to 18th in Watkins Glen.

The line-up includes Santana, The Killers, Jay-Z, Miley Cyrus and Imagine Dragons.

Woodstock 50: The Show Will Go On, But New Funding Needed

A judge ruled that Woodstock 50 organizers may proceed with the festival but ex-investor does not have to return the $18 million investment.

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