Proposed Amendment to Police Accountability Board Raises Concerns

Activists in Rochester are angry about an amendment that could allow people with police experience to serve on the proposed police accountability board. Pastor James Simmons is among those who say the board needs to be independent.

The pastor of Baber AME in Rochester, Rev. James Simmons, said that each week church leaders in the city are told of congregation members who are subject to police intimidation or misconduct. Failure to police themselves is what led the initial consideration of a police accountability board, and Simmons adds general faith in law enforcement is dwindling, if not completely dissipated. Having a member of the board be one who "has been en-cultured in this system," seems counterproductive.

From Enough Is Enough:

The proposed PAB will hold police officers accountable to the benefit of the police force and our community. The PAB would have five essentials powers:
Independent investigative authority as an agency of city government independent from the RPD;
Subpoena power to compel the production of evidence and witnesses;
The authority to conduct misconduct hearings;
Disciplinary authority; and
The power to evaluate systemic patterns, practices, policies, and procedures of the RPD to recommend changes and prevent misconduct.

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