Prosecution Rests in Astacio Trial

The prosecution has rested its case in the trial of former Rochester Judge Leticia Astacio...but first, the assistant manager of a Dick's Sporting Goods was questioned about how close Astacio actually got to buying a shotgun last year

Special Prosecutor Mark Sienkiewicz brought the store manager to testify about her interaction with Astacio and her refusal to sell her the gun. Astacio had previously been turned down at another Dicks' Sporting Goods, so the second store turned her down as well. Astacio is charged with a weapons violation for allegedly tried to buy a shotgun while on probation from a drunk driving conviction.

In cross examination, Astacio's lawyer questioned whether the transaction had gotten to the point where Astacio was able to buy the gun. He said she never filled out the required paperwork.

A crime lab firearms expert testified the shotgun was fully functional, but also testified that the weapon wasn't dangerous if not loaded, which it wasn't.


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