LONSBERRY: Mueller Report Means Nothing

It doesn’t matter.

               After almost two years and more than four and a half million dollars, nothing has changed.

               Those who like Trump, like Trump. And those who hate Trump, hate Trump.

               It was always a pretense, a ruse, an expedient weapon in the Democrats’ rejection of the 2016 election, their slow-motion coup against a man they could neither defeat nor accept.

               There is no vindication or exoneration, except among those who never thought him guilty in the first place. Those who presumed him guilty, still feel him guilty. If not of this offense, then of some other offense. Or of simply being different, of not bowing before their orthodoxy and agenda.

               The investigation is dead; long live the investigation. And what was Mueller will now be Nadler and Schiff, and the evening news will be broadsides and monologues by committee Democrats, denouncing as lustily and self-righteously as they have for the last two years.

               The Mueller investigation was always a tool for the progressives and the journos to bash Trump, to belittle and delegitimize his administration and followers. To somehow explain how arguably the worst presidential candidate of the last century was defeated by a reality-TV star. The Mueller investigation was an effort by the progressives to make the Russians a Republican problem instead of a Democrat problem. After some 70 years of progressive American causes being quietly funded by the Soviets, the Democrats staged their own Red Scare.

               And it doesn’t matter that it was all a lie.

               We will ignore the fact that the FBI has slid back to the days of J. Edgar Hoover and gone to war against a presidency, and that a former director has turned into a full-throated partisan. We have seen a retaliatory investigation without Fourth Amendment justification, and we will think nothing of it.

               And those who point to it as an abuse of power, of a perversion of American law enforcement, will be cast in the shadow of the progressives’ accusation that all who oppose them are morally or intellectually inferior, duped by Trump or dog whistled by him – idiots or bigots or, most likely, both.

               The Committee to Un-elect the President will continue its work unabated.

               An honest review of the facts shows no connection between Trump and the Russians, but Democrat politics have never had anything to do with honesty and facts, so the Mueller report is inconsequential. It is a milked-out cow that will now be slaughtered and butchered and fed to the hungry dogs of the progressive commentariat.

               By lunchtime, we will know what AOC and her peers in the Democrat driver’s seat have to say, and that will be the new marching order. Democrats will move from Talking Point 1 to Talking Point 2 in their relentless effort to derail a presidency and hamstring a nation. If it’s not a smooth transition, and things get tight, they’ll have to fall back for a day or two on the Billy Bush audio.

               Certainly, the conservatives in talk radio will strut and crow and revel in the vindication of their Oval Office champion. They will point out that everything they have said for two years was correct, that the investigation was a witch hunt and the FBI had gone rogue. The Trump Train will thunder through social media like an overnight express. Make America Great Again hats will pop up on a head or two.

               We will naively think it is over.

               We will think we won.

               We will think our president and our vote are vindicated.

               And then the Democrats will smash us with something else.

               Because the Mueller investigation was always a ploy. It was merely the first club they could grab in their assault on the ballot box and the White House. And it worked just the way they wanted it to. It gave them two years of narrative, and a new hold on the House of Representatives, and now they bring the committees online. Now it’s invective on the evening news and hearing after hearing.

               As the party that tells us the vote is sacred continues its quest to disenfranchise those who, in 2016, dared to vote against its candidate.

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