Burglary Involves Repeat Offenders, Suspect Arrested 41 Times Since 1982

Two people are facing charges following a gas station burglary last month in Rochester.

Burnie Daniels and Erin Starkweather allegedly stole nearly two thousand dollars worth of cigarettes from the Kwik Fill on Stonewood Avenue.

Authorities say they witnessed Daniels stop at the Kwik Fill then leave the scene driving a van, with Starkweather as his passenger. Following a brief chase, both were taken into custody.

Authorities also say they had developed Daniels as a suspect in several larcenies and commercial burglaries in Monroe County.

Daniels and Starkweather both have a criminal history. Authorities say Daniels has been arrested at least 41 times since 1982, and Starkweather has been arrested seven times since 2000.

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