Student's Comment Launched Investigation, Uncovered Islamberg Plot

Greece Police say more charges could be filed in an alleged plot by four people to use explosives against an Islamic community east of Binghamton. 

Charging documents say Andrew Crysel, Brian Colaneri, Vincent Vetromile and a 16-year-old boy planned to use homemade bombs against the hamlet of Islamberg in Delaware County. 

The investigation started Friday at Greece Odyssey school when a 16-year-old held up a photo of one of the suspects and said he looked like 'the next school shooter.' A student who heard the comment told an adult, who got school security officials involved. 

Police want to be clear that there was never a threat of a school shooting, but it did trigger suspicion -- and the student who made the comment and the student in the photo were interviewed. Police say the student who made the school shooter comment was arrested, and the investigation led to the other suspects.

Police Chief Patrick Phelan says most of the suspects cooperated with the investigation, and that they also seized electronic devices. 

At least three of the four suspects were in boy scouts together. A search at the 16-year-old's home found three improvised bombs. Other raids turned up electronic devices and 23 guns. Police say more charges could be filed.

The suspects have another court date February 5th. Police still aren't sure what motivated the four suspects accused of plotting the attack.

Updates on Foiled Islamberg Attack
Updates on Foiled Islamberg Attack
Officials from the Islamic community of Islamberg are planning a news conference today to comment on the alleged plot against their community by four suspects...


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