Tan Pleads Guilty to Federal Gun Charges

Charlie Tan has pleaded guilty to federal weapons charges in U.S. District Court in Syracuse this afternoon.

Tan pleaded guilty to receiving a shotgun with the intent of committing a crime, making a false statement during the purchase of a firearm, and aiding and abetting a federal offense. 

The charges come from the purchase of the shotgun Tan used to kill his father at their Pittsford home in February of 2015.But Tan did not directly admit to shooting his father, Jim Tan, as federal prosecutors wanted. Instead his attorneys said Tan had a friend buy the gun for him, with the intent of shooting his father.

On sentencing, Tan could get anything from time served up to 25 years. It's at the judge's discretion.

Charlie Tan was tried on state charges of murdering his father with the shotgun, but they were dismissed after a hung jury.


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