(13WHAM)Irondequoit, N.Y.- The East Irondequoit School District sent a letter home to parents regarding a security incident that happened Wednesday morning.

The district said two young female students in the Ellinwood Drive area were approached by a man in a pickup truck and told to get into the truck. The children called out a warning and ran to a bus stop where a group of students was waiting. Police were called.

The vehicle was described as a full-size white pickup truck with no easily identifiable markers. The driver was described as having graying hair and sunglasses.

"It's very scary, this is a quiet neighborhood, there's a ton of kids and a lot of school buses," said Marissa Ellis.

Irondequoit Police are investigating the incident.

"It's kind of concerning, you don't know if he's just trying to get closer to them, ask them other questions, but at any rate we tell the kids never to approach a strange vehicle or somebody they don't know," said Irondequoit Police Investigator Mark Bean.