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Football Coach Fight: Aggies vs. Alabama

CLAY: Buck, this has taken over a lot of news today. You went to your first ever SEC football game. I took you to Ole Miss-Alabama. Alabama’s head football coach is Nick Saban. So Jimbo Fisher… We got a monster audience all over the state of Texas. Jimbo Fisher is the head coach of Texas A&M Aggies. They are feuding, and this is an all-timer attack from one coach on another. You haven’t heard this, but I’m just curious if you can pick up on the animosity and what you think about this. Almost unheard of. Let’s listen to Jimbo Fisher. This was a couple hours ago right before we came on the air. I was watching it. My jaw dropped. Listen to this.

BUCK: Shots fired! Oh!

CLAY: Even for you who is not plugged into the SEC rivalries on a regular basis or just college football — and, by the way, speaking of college football, thanks to, Columbus, Ohio, the newest city where we have gone to the number one audience. So everybody out there, all of the Ohio State Buckeye fans listening to us right now in Columbus, Ohio, we appreciate the fact that we have now gone number one in that market.

I want to give a shout-out to News Radio 610 WTBN. Whenever we go number one in your market, we want to make sure that we thank everybody there. So thank you, Columbus, Ohio, and everybody listening right now. And that ties in because it’s one of the great college football markets anywhere. I mean, this is… He also said, by the way, Buck, that somebody needed to smack Nick Saban! This is pretty… I know the Trump versus Biden first debate was pretty intense, but for sports, that’s as wild of a press conference as I’ve seen in a long time in terms of personal animosity. A lot of people have private animosity, but usually it doesn’t go public like that.

BUCK: I do remember from our time in Tuscaloosa that Mr. Saban was spoken of with a particular reverence and that when he actually showed up at the game, it did feel like Julius Caesar had just arrived or something.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: There was definitely a parting of the sea for Saban that occurred. So I can imagine that Mr. Jimbo — Jimbo, right? —

CLAY: Yeah, Jimbo.

BUCK: — is ruffling some feathers over in Alabama.

CLAY: By the way, also number one in best of my memory so we have managed to do what is almost improbable and impossible, we have united Columbus, Ohio, and Birmingham, Alabama, in mutual audience appreciation and enjoyment for the Clay and Buck show. That’s like managing to bring together the Palestinians and the Israelis, Buck.

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