Video: Odd Sea Creature Caught in Texas

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An angler in Texas snagged a bizarre-looking sea creature that turned out to be a venomous denizen of the deep. The strange catch was reportedly made by Alyssa Ramirez while she and her mother were fishing on a pier in the coastal city of Port Isabel. During their day out, the woman noticed that she hadn't felt any bites on her line for a while and began reeling it in with the thought that perhaps a clever fish had stolen the bait. However, Ramirez soon realized that she had actually hooked a rather weird creature.

“At first glance, I thought I snagged some seaweed," she recalled, "then I laughed because that was definitely not a fish, nor seaweed." To that end, the creature caught by Ramirez resembled a large worm covered in long, feathery bristles. Adding an almost alien-like element to the oddity's appearance, it was still alive when Ramirez reeled it in and, as such, was undulating in a mesmerizing fashion on the pier, leading the astounded woman to muse that "it was like an oversized earthworm ready for combat."

Check out a video of the creature and find out what it was identified to be at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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