Video: Nightmarish Doll Found in Florida

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A man walking along a beach in Florida was aghast when he stumbled upon a nightmarish doll sporting what appeared to be human teeth. The haunting find was reportedly made by Bruce Robertson as he was visiting a spot near Cape Canaveral and spotted something odd that had washed ashore. Upon closer inspection, he was stunned to see that it was a rather creepy doll.

The eerie, six-legged figurine appeared to be fashioned out of coconuts and had snakeskin as well as feathers affixed to it. While those details alone were pretty strange, Robertson was struck by one particularly unsettling bit of craftsmanship centered around the mouth of the doll. "What was really sort of terrifying or horrifying or interesting was that it had actual human teeth," he marveled.

More on this bizarre story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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