Initial Findings from NASA's InSight Mars Lander Revealed

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Scientists studying data obtained by NASA's InSight Mars lander have reportedly released a slew of papers detailing some of the initial findings from the mission. The $850 million craft, which is equipped with an array of instruments designed to examine conditions on the Red Planet, touched down on the surface of Mars in November of 2018. Since that time, researchers from various fields have been working with information collected by the lander in the hopes of developing a better understanding of the still-mysterious world.

By way of six different scientific papers published on Monday, we are now getting our first glimpse of what the InSight lander has uncovered. One intriguing realm studied by the craft centered around so-called 'Marsquakes' on the Red Planet. According to data collected by the lander, there were reportedly a whopping 174 seismic events on Mars between February and September of 2019. Since Mars does not have tectonic plates like the Earth, it is theorized that these quakes could be caused by the planet cooling or perhaps volcanic activity.

Find out more amazing insights developed from the craft's data at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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