Yowie Researcher Suggests Australian Bushfires Drove Creatures Inland

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As bushfires devastated parts of Australia earlier this year, many cryptid enthusiasts wondered how the country's resident Bigfoot-like creature, known as the Yowie, was faring under such perilous conditions and now a prominent researcher has provided what appears to be an answer. Dean Harrison of the Australian Yowie Research reportedly suggested to a local media outlet in the country that sighting reports of the creatures seemingly indicate that they were forced to move inland due to the infernos.

"We can have dry spells. but that whole area has dropped to basically nothing. It has all gone much quieter than normal," Harrison said of the region hardest hit by the bushfires. Intriguingly, he claimed that his organization usually receives around ten reports per week from the region hit by the bushfires, but they have heard of very few encounters in recent weeks. That doesn't necessarily mean that the creatures are gone as he observed that "we are mainly getting reports from other areas, it is hard to say why, but I expect Yowies have moved out of their comfort zone, out of their natural area and are therefore keeping their heads down more."

More on this intriguing story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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