Q--Can Tyrod Taylor be a “franchise quarterback”?

A--For a really good NFL team, probably not. For the Buffalo Bills, possibly so.

Q--Who would you choose to build a Major League Baseball team around?

A—All things considered – age, position, performance, leadership qualities, durability – Houston shortstop Carlos Correa.

Q—Do you think the New England Patriots can finish the regular season 16-0?

A—No, mainly because if they start 15-0, coach Bill Belichick probably would rest Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and some other key starters for the playoffs.

Q—Can the Sabres and Amerks both make the playoffs this season?

A—Sure, but I don’t think so. I give Buffalo a 40 percent chance in the NHL and Rochester a 60 percent chance in the AHL.

Q—Do you think LeBron James will win another NBA championship?

A--Tough call because what team is going to beat Golden State in the next season or two? But if James does win another championship, I believe it will be with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Q—Why did it take so long for defensive shifts to become such a big deal in Major League Baseball?

A—Stubborness and fear. Managers were too scared of being fired for trying something so radical.

Q—Can Jordan Spieth possibly top Jack Nicklaus’ 18 major victories?

A—No way. The talent poll of quality PGA Tour players is too good and seems to be getting deeper.

Q—Where do you think Yu Darvish will wind up?

A—The Texas Rangers are ready to trade their ace pitcher and several contending teams reportedly have expressed interest. Why not? He’s really good and could be the ticket to the 2017 world championship. My guess is the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers can afford him and have the prospects to trade for him. He’d be an expensive and effective insurance policy behind Clayton Kershaw.

Q—Now that O.J. Simpson is a free man and eligible to attend the annual Pro Football Hall of Fame ceremonies, do you expect him to show up?

A—I hope not. I think he realizes that most people would be offended by his presence.  I’m pretty sure he’d prefer a weekend of golf with some of his buddies.

Q—Should 2017 World Series of Poker champion Scott Blumstein be eligible for Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year?

A—Of course not. And not hot dog-eater supreme Joey Chestnut, either. ESPN using them to fill air time does not make them legitimate athletes.

Q—What do you think of the possibility of Floyd Mayweather Jr. breaking his 49-0 pro boxing tie with Rocky Marciano with a victory Aug. 26 over Conor McGregor?

A—I don’t like it. At the very least, Mayweather’s 50-0 should have an asterisk. McGregor is not a boxer and a Mayweather “victory” would be bogus in any comparisons regarding Marciano.

Q—Major League Soccer expansion talk is heating up again. Any chance for Rochester?

A—None. Zip. Nada. MLS has outgrown Rochester. Left us in the pitch. Not even a whisper. MLS – currently with 22 teams --  plans to expand to 28 teams by 2020. It will be the largest top-level soccer league in the world. The current expansion fee per new team reportedly is $150 million. It is expected to soon rise to $200 million. Even if we had a 20,000-plus seat soccer stadium, I don’t believe Tom Golisano or the Pegulas are soccer fans...For the record, cities being mentioned include Los Angeles FC (entering in 2018) and Miami (entering in 2018 or 2019), plus favorites Sacramento, Cincinnati, Phoenix and Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg, and long shots San Antonio, San Jose, Raleigh/Durham, Indianapolis, St. Louis and Detroit.


Wednesday, July 26 – Tyson Barrie (26)...Brandon Morrow (33)...Delonte West (34)...Jeff Blatnick (60)...Dorothy Hamill (61). Kate Beckinsale (44), Jason Statham (50), Kevin Spacey (58), Helen Mirren (72) and Mick Jagger (74) are invited to the birthday party.

Thursday, July 27 – Jordan Spieth (24)...Antoine Bethea (33)...Dolph Ziggler (37)...Alex Rodriguez (42)...Triple H (48)...Hugh Green (58)...Floyd Rayford (60)...Rich Dauer (65)...Peggy Fleming Jenkins (69)...Haven Moses (71)...Irv Cross (78).