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 It’s not compassion, it’s complicity.


               The desperate attempt by New York Gov. Kathy Hochul to dump illegal aliens on suburban and rural counties that voted against her last November, that’s not about helping them, it’s about screwing us.


               It’s about covering for the failed policies of her president, her party, and her administration. It’s about aiding and abetting the criminal invasion of the United States of America. It’s about resettling the vast stretches of rural upstate New York which she and her predecessor have spent a decade and a half depopulating.


               It’s about a bitter, vindictive autocrat getting revenge on a region where her approval rating is underwater by a ratio of 2-to-1.


               And so it is that yesterday and today she has had officials inspecting state college campuses, looking for dormitories and dining halls to repurpose for the colonization of upstate. Empty state prisons weren’t looked at, your alma mater was. And college communities all across the state were horrified at the prospect of becoming resettlement camps.


               Resettlement camps in a state where eviction is almost impossible legally, where squatters’ rights attach to anyone who encamps anywhere. If the governor were to put migrants in college dorms, and they were of a mind to stay, state law would entitle every one of them to a nearly year-long process of hearings before they could be removed. 


               That’s what’s going on. And the governor says New Yorkers are happy about it.


               “Even in Republican counties and upstate New York and Long Island,” she told members of Congress, “they will embrace the opportunity to take these individuals.”




               Pure and simple.




               A series of counties have already moved to impose states of emergency, to stave off the governor’s efforts to dump illegal aliens on them. Even Broome County – which has a Democrat county executive – has taken a stand against the governor, with the sheriff sent out to county motels threatening a $2,000-per-day civil fine for each illegal alien the motels provide shelter for.


               Nobody is embracing anything about this, rather they are bracing for an assault from the state government. It’s a bend over and grab your ankles moment. In upstate New York, the will of the people means nothing. The best interests of the people mean nothing. Upstate New York is a despised colony of the Democratic Party, a place to dump garbage and inmates and illegal aliens.


               And that’s who these people are.


               They are not refugees. They were not displaced by war or natural disasters. They are not fleeing crime any worse than that found in Rochester, Albany, Buffalo, and Syracuse. These are not Afghan allies, they are not persecuted Uyghurs, they were not driven from their homes in Syria. These are people who have sought to violate the laws of our country by entering our sovereign territory illegally for their own economic benefit. Instead of working to make their own countries better, they have come to America to live off the prosperity of our country.


               And the insipid policies of Joe Biden have invited and welcomed them. He has made us a sanctuary country and his party has said that all have a right to be here. And New York – a sanctuary city and state – is where the pipes lead when you flush the toilet of this failed policy.


               And so it is that Kathy Hochul is going to trash her state to save her party.


               With upstate featuring three of the poorest cities in the United States, clustered at the top of the rankings for childhood poverty and violent crime, and with several rural upstate counties among the very poorest in the nation, she wants to dump invading foreigners on communities which can’t even care for their own.


               White kids in Cattaraugus, Allegany, and Yates counties and black kids in Rochester, Syracuse, and Buffalo have inadequate nutrition, education, and opportunity, and their governor wants to put tens of thousands of illegal aliens ahead of them in the line for limited government and non-profit services. That’s not an act of charity for the border crossers, it’s a crime against the people who were born here or came here legally.


               Upstate New York has been ravaged by the failed policies of Kathy Hochul and her party. It is among the most economically depressed areas in the United States. It can barely meet the needs of its own people, there is nothing left over to give to the illegals.


               And so the battle lines are drawn: Is the priority the hungry children and families of upstate New York, or is it the border insurgents of foreign shores? Must upstate New York be pounded again to cover for the failures of Joe Biden? If Biden and Harris fail at the border, why must far away rural New Yorkers be punished?


If Democrats believe illegal aliens have a right to be here, why don’t they house them where they live, instead of where Republicans live?

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