LONSBERRY: Where Did Robin Wilt Go To College?

I don’t care where Robin Wilt went to college.

               I’ve never earned a college degree, or a college credit, and I’ve never bought into the Freudian game of who went to the better school. I chuckle at the insecure blowhards who plaster their office wall with diplomas.

               But that’s me.

               People in Brighton might feel different.

               And that’s what one Democrat mover and shaker is hoping.

               Howie Jacobson has written Adam Bello and Bill Moehle about the Brighton Town Board candidacy of Robin Wilt. He claims that she is, “misleading the Brighton voters by leaving out key elements of her resume.”

               Specifically, she has repeatedly said that she “went to” or is an “alumna” of Dartmouth College and that she is Phi Betta Kappa. In a “Democrat and Chronicle” newspaper profile written by a woman who is now a spokesperson for County Executive Adam Bello, it said specifically that she graduated from Dartmouth. Some few years ago, Robin Wilt tweeted about attending her 25threunion at Dartmouth.

               All of which makes you think that she went and graduated.

               But she didn’t. She went, she didn’t graduate – unlike 96% of Dartmouth undergrads – and she subsequently went to some college in Walla Walla, Washington, where she was, in fact Phi Betta Kappa, whatever the hell that is.

               All of which is upsetting to Mr. Jacobson – who went to Cornell, which is the only Ivy League school easier to get into than Dartmouth.

               To Mrs. Wilt I say:Congratulations, any diploma is better than no diploma.

               To the voters of Brighton I say: You don’t give a damn about this, do you?

               Because if your vote for or against Robin Wilt is based on her resume fudging, you’re missing the point.

               Seldom has a candidate presented a starker choice for voters than has Robin Wilt. She is either a tireless civil rights champion, or a cynical and divisive race baiter.

               I vote for the latter, but I don’t live in Brighton.

               Robin Wilt has a habit of moving into a town, discovering rampant racism, grandstanding over it, burning a few witches, and finding prominence and power for herself along the way.

               Think “Bonfire of the Vanities” meets a low-budget Reverend Al.

               She was defunding cops before defunding cops was cool. Few can see structural racism and rampant white supremacy any clearer than can she.

               And nobody is a better bomb thrower or community divider.

               She is not vanilla.

               And you either like her, or you don’t. You’re either down with the revolution or you’re not.

               And her impact on Brighton has been clear. She polarizes the community along the woke boundary line, with disagreement with her immediately branded racism and sexism. She walks on progressive water, judging good and evil in the undying fight against the patriarchy, Zionism, Eurocentric heterosexnorming, institutional racism, white privilege and whatever other Marxist-Soros talking point is the fad of the day.

               And she has her supporters.

               Any number of comrades come out to her defense.

               To such an extent that Jewish families were shouted down at a town board meeting and feel uncomfortable walking to synagogue on Shabbat. Few in the community or in politics dare criticize her publicly for fear of being locally cancelled, and facing the ire of her fellow travelers.

               So it’s not an issue of resume padding.

               Robin Wilt is a known quantity. She has been a member of the town board for an entire term. Her impact on the board and the community is not a mystery. Brighton tried the free sample, everybody knows what this tastes like.

               What is now to be determined is if this is the brand of Democrat that Brighton and, eventually, Monroe County wants. With a 2-to-1 Democrat enrollment advantage, Monroe County is Democrat territory and will be for the foreseeable future. And that means something.

               The Democratic Party in New York prides itself on being the most progressive in the nation. And that has impacts all across the policy spectrum. In historical terms, the enforcement of progressive orthodoxy is just about at the Reign of Terror stage. And it’s only going to get worse – or better, depending on perspective.

               Robin Wilt represents that coming Democrat day. She is the future of the Democratic Party in Monroe County.

               And Brighton voters will have to decide if that is what they want. Are they all in on the revolution, or not? Is it time to tear America down, starting with the Brighton status quo, or is there a more moderate way?

               That’s the choice voters will make in Brighton.

               It’s a pretty clear one.

               And it has nothing to do with stolen Ivy League valor.

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