LONSBERRY: County Court Endorsement

Vote Republican.

               That’s my county court endorsement.

               If you live in New York, and the county court is on the ballot this year, vote for the Republican. If there are two or three of them, vote for them all.

               I know they have names, and I’m sure they think that’s relevant. They probably think the same about their resumes and endorsements and law school grades.

               But they’re not.

               All that matters is that they’re Republican.

               Why? Because a Republican is not a Democrat, and anybody in New York who would put a Democrat in as county court judge is nuts.

               Here’s why.

               In New York, county court judges do two important things: They preside over criminal trials, and they sign pistol permits.

               They do other stuff, and I’m sure they think that’s important.

               But it’s not.

               In New York, where things are screwed up three ways from Sunday, who presides over criminal trials and who signs pistol permits really matters.

               And the policies of the Democratic Party are such that no one subscribing to them is worthy of your vote in New York.

               Let’s talk criminal trials first. In New York, the Democrats have decriminalized crime. They have made it harder to arrest people, harder to hold people, harder to convict people, harder to imprison people. They have swung the pendulum so far to the extreme that violent criminals are released without bail, prosecution is almost impossibly difficult, and there are almost no circumstances under which parole can be revoked.

               All of this happening in the midst of a dramatic surge in violent crime, and with the governor having just released hundreds of prison inmates six months early.

               In New York, the Democrats have preached that the criminal justice system is nothing other than the enforcement arm of white supremacy. They have called for the defunding of the police, they have paraded out to take part in anti-cop protests, they have pledged to tear the system down.

               And that includes from the bench.

               The phenomenon of “judicial nullification” has begun to rear its head, in which Democrat judges turn everybody loose, harass the police and prosecutors, and subvert the rule of law to advance their own political views. Some of them have stopped being honest brokers and have become activists in robes.

               And you can’t take the chance of that happening in your county.

               Being a Democrat is something someone chooses. And the Democrat candidates for county court judge – in this season of warring on the police – have chosen to run as Democrats. This is their identification, their brand, their wink and nod to the progressives whose water they will carry.

               Being a Democrat in New York is to give your assent to what the Democratic Party stands for in New York.

               And anyone who would do that is not someone you can trust hearing criminal cases and, thereby, holding public safety in his or her hands.

               There are enough pro-criminal Democrats in the Assembly, Senate and governor’s office – we don’t need them on the bench, too.

               Unless you like the idea of crooks running free, turned loose as part of the revolution.

               And what about pistol permits?

               Well, in the most anti-gun state in the nation, licenses to own or carry a handgun are issued by county court judges. You might submit your application through the county clerk, and you will have to answer questions from the police and provide character references, but at the end of the day whether you are issued a license – and whether it allows you to carry a handgun concealed – is up to the county court judge.

               Some will sign fine, some won’t sign for anything. Some respect the Second Amendment, some put restrictions on permits, or simply reject them outright.

               And there is no appeal. The judge is god, and whatever he or she says goes. That’s why some counties have very few permits, that’s why some counties have almost no concealed-carry permits. It’s not according to some state guideline, it’s according to the whim of some county court judge.

               And that’s where party affiliation comes in handy.

               The Republican Party supports the Second Amendment and the Democratic Party opposes it. One side believes you have the right to own a gun, and the other side doesn’t. One party supports your right to a pistol permit, the other party doesn’t.

               Democrat candidates chose to belong to the party that doesn’t.

               So, if you ever want a pistol permit. Of if you believe that option ought to be available to New Yorkers, you know not to vote for a Democrat.

               I know that’s simplistic. And I know that there are some Republicans who also screw with pistol permit applications. But if someone chose to belong to the anti-gun party, I choose not to vote for them.

               You get tacos at a Mexican restaurant and lasagna at an Italian restaurant, and you get pro-criminal gun banners at the Democratic Party.

               So when the office up for vote is directly involved in public safety and your right to own a gun, things get really simple really quick.

               Vote Republican.

               If it’s county court, names don’t matter and records don’t matter.

               Results and principles matter.

               And the Republican Party stands for freedom and public safety.

               While the Democratic Party stands for oppression and lawlessness.

               That’s really all you need to know.

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