LONSBERRY: Dem Policies Are Fueling Urban Fratricide

There is a black fratricide afoot in America’s cities, facilitated by – if not caused by – Democrat “criminal-justice reform.”

               Sweeping policies meant to hamstring the criminal-justice system, paired with coordinated efforts to assail American law enforcement, have led to a dramatic upsurge in deadly violence in urban America, and the victims have overwhelmingly been black men, women and children.

               In a nation fixated on race, it is odd that the racial disproportionality of this carnage isn’t being reported, cared about or decried. And in a nation that seems hyperfocused on redressing wrongs done blacks, the ongoing blindness to the slow-motion genocide of African-Americans in Democrat cities is wrong.

               It is explained, possibly, by the fact that most of the perpetrators of this genocide are themselves black, and the political correctness of the day is loathe to report that ugly fact. But the truth is that there is a literal fratricide underway, in which a war of brothers in urban neighborhoods is taking a staggering toll.

               Or, at least, a toll that should be staggering, if we truly understand it.

               This weekend alone, in which we celebrated the anniversary of American Independence, best estimates are that more than 150 people were murdered and another 400-plus were shot. The races of those individuals are not centrally tracked, but scanning the news sites of the cities most affected shows that the very large majority of them were black, with the second-largest group being people of apparent Hispanic origin.

               Why isn’t that important?

               Why don’t we know those names?

               Why don’t we decry that horror?

               And why don’t we connect this social effect with its political cause?

               As Democratic city councils and state legislatures, in partnership with Democratic mayors and governors, have pushed for the elimination of bail and the granting of parole – as they have made it harder to investigate and punish crime – the number of black funerals has gone through the roof.

               They have positioned this as a race issue, but they have positioned it inaccurately. They claim they are helping black criminals, instead they are making black victims.

               That can’t be ignored. They can’t be ignored.

               Even if they are ignored in the name of some greater progressive good. To ask these people and their families to be silent casualties in the war against America’s established order is to turn them into cannon fodder in a battle for political benefit.

               Political benefit for the Democratic Party.

               Once again, a Democrat policy pushed in the name of black people tragically victimizes black people. When the Democrats come to help, they invariably do harm, and black America is invariably the largest victim of that harm.

               Maybe that’s a coincidence, and maybe it’s not.

               Rampant government welfare, pushed by the Democrats, did what generations of slavery couldn’t – tear apart the black family. And criminal-justice reform, pushed by the Democrats, is doing what all the rogue cops on the planet couldn’t – filling black funeral homes with grieving families.

               There is a slaughter going on in America. Today. Right now. Homicide in urban neighborhoods was up more than 30 percent last year, according to the FBI, and had risen an additional 24 percent above that in the first quarter of this year. Within one mile of one intersection in the city of Rochester, New York, more than 700 people have been shot over the years. And in that same city, with the year half over, there have already been more people murdered than were murdered in all of last year – itself a harshly violent year.

               Those lives matter. Those black lives matter.

               And saving them matters.

               Even if it involves disagreeing with the Democratic Party and the world progressive movement that controls it.

               Lives are more important than rhetoric, people are more important than politics, and any policy that leads to racial disproportionality is racist. Democrat criminal-justice reform is racist, in that it disproportionately kills black people.

               It’s not the pandemic, it’s not the economy, it’s the hamstringing of cops and courts by progressive Democrats. The pandemic and the economic downturn are across the country, but the eruption of violence is in impoverished big-city neighborhoods where the ability to control criminals has been stripped by Democrat initiatives. That’s where black people are being killed. That’s where the horrible consequence of bad politics is felt.

               We need to recognize it, and we need to stop it.

               Every night on the evening news there should be a breakdown of how many people have been slain in the country, and they should be broken down by race. The progressive propagandists on the anchor desk should treat homicide victims the same way they treated covid victims. Show us faces, night after night, rub our faces in it.

               Prove that black lives matter by telling us about all of them – not just the ones killed by police.

               And stop the policies that are killing these black Americans.

               Stop offering them as human sacrifices to the incompetence of the Democratic Party.

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