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Lonsberry: He Took His Boot Out Of Our Ass, But It Still Hurts To Sit Down

 It’s hard to celebrate the lifting of restrictions that never should have existed in the first place.

               It’s hard to thank a tyrant who still clutches the power to oppress.

               And it’s hard to get excited about the partial lifting of covid restrictions in New York when you still smart from some 15 months of the suppression of your liberty.

               Never before in American history have so many civil rights been stripped on so flimsy a pretext. Never have so many had their noses rubbed in the absolute authority of so few.

               For the last 15 months, New Yorkers and Americans had the bit of government oppression forced into their mouths, and the resentment doesn’t go away just because the bit is removed.

               By the crossing of some invisible line of vaccination – an arbitrary 70 percent of adults – we are now, by the grace of the governor, allowed to sit next to one another in a bar, invite whoever we want to our weddings, go into a building without a rag on our face, go to a concert, and sit beside a stranger in a movie theater.

               All because Andy says it’s ok now.

               He took his boot out of our ass, but it still hurts to sit down.

               Because no generation of Americans has ever had to face anything like this. No previous contagion has instilled the government with this much authority. No other era would see Americans sit still for this sort of oppression.

               And never before has the American population included so many people who not only embraced oppression for themselves, but volunteered to be neighborhood enforcers and looked down their noses at people whose fear and obsequiousness did not equal their own.

               We used to be free by gift from God; now we are free by the grace of the governor.

               We have sat for more than a year as a braying jackass played with us like toys, disrupting our lives at his whim, ruling by fiat, telling us what we could do, and where and when and with whom.

               Our home was not our castle, our parents were not ours to visit, our dead were not ours to bury.

               All because Andy said so. While his life and his family were exempt and catered to.

               While his policies destroyed our businesses and killed our grandparents.

               While he operated above and outside the law, lying to the people and the legislature, preying upon female subordinates, and scheming to make himself millions.

               When you let the wolf out of the trap, he doesn’t shake your hand, he goes for your throat.

               And so it is with New Yorkers who today had the Cuomo boot taken off their necks. We do not celebrate the return of freedom that never should have been taken away from us. We do not forget the elderly who died alone and confused, loved ones kept away by tyranny. We do not forget the businesses and livelihoods destroyed by ridiculous rules from a ridiculous man. We do not forget children whose years were destroyed by needless restrictions on schools. We do not forget the local leaders frustrated by incompetence and arrogance at the highest levels, struggling to comply with gubernatorial orders that were childish and changeable.

               We do not forget exactly what kind of an oppressive bastard Andy Cuomo has been for the last 15 months.

               We do not forget the people who died because of his arrogance. We do not forget his machinations for powerful donors who hoped to profit from disease. We do not forget his closing of our hospitals to the non-covid procedures we needed, or the near bankruptcy to which he pushed so many of them. We do not forget his threat to send the National Guard to take our ventilators.

               We do not forget, and we do not forgive.

               Rather, this season of oppression has merely fanned our resentment, stoked our hatred, and refreshed our lust for freedom.

               Yes, we will go back to normal.

               But the incredible mishandling of the covid pandemic by the governor and government of New York are unforgiveable sins. And the exploitation of this malady to increase government power and diminish individual liberty will forever remain a stain on the New York flag.

               Cuomo has been the covid king for more than a year.

               But we’re tired of kissing his ring.

               It’s time for him to kiss our ass.

               We got rid of the virus. Now let’s get rid of the governor.

               They both are a plague.

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