LONSBERRY: Time To Move Against Antifa And The Proud Boys

There is no place in American society for paramilitary political groups, and there is no honest way their activities can be described as either free speech of peaceful assembly.

               They are just what they were under Hitler – tools of political intimidation and violence, meant to butcher both democracy and liberty, and the people who hold them dear.

               I’m talking about Antifa and the Proud Boys.

               Cancer doesn’t get better when you ignore it, and neither does insurrection – in the nation’s Capitol or on its cities’ streets.

               When you have groups that reek of the French Revolution or the Third Reich or some banana-republic dictatorship, you know you’ve got a problem. And history teaches that if you don’t root out this sort of problem before it gets out of hand, it kills you.

               And those who ignore that reality, unwilling to criticize the storm troopers of their own particular philosophy, are Quislings of the American Republic, traitors to their predecessors and their progeny, destroyers of the fabric of freedom.

               Here are the facts.

               The paramilitary actions of Antifa in support of the Democrat and progressive agenda are treason. As they have attacked police, intimidated citizens, destroyed property and shut down cities, they have been carrying out their own slow-motion Pearl Harbor, spreading their 9-11 out over months and years, instead of a day. But their attack has been just that – an attack. Nothing they do comes anywhere close to peaceful assembly, and physical intimidation is not free speech. The only relationship their actions have with the Constitution is that they are calculated to destroy it.

               The same is true of the Proud Boys.

               When your people and your words are storming the Capitol of the United States, you are not We The People, you are in open rebellion against We The People. You are seeking to replace the voice of the people – heard in our Republic at the ballot box – with the rage of the mob – which is always the enemy of freedom.

               When so-called peaceful protesters show up with gas masks and shields, flak vests and uniforms, when they are organized with medical workers and communication systems and command and control, they are a militia, a band of thugs, and they are on the attack.

               And those who sit silently in assent, or gather along in the throng to march behind a banner or a fist, are merely goose stepping in their own way. 

               The Republican Party and the Democratic Party are each horribly wrong for their silent support of their respective political paramilitary groups. Democrats in city halls have let Antifa and its associates wreak havoc across dozens of American cities. Democrats in Congress have offered to pay the bail of Antifa rioters. The progressive elites who control most of American society have been silent or encouraging in relation to Antifa. The press often been openly supportive and allied.

                Republicans in Congress and the White House have sought to ride the tiger by encouraging and normalizing the Proud Boys and their associated fighters, and in this they have abandoned any moral authority on this subject.

               And so both fuses burn ever shorter, from the left and the right. As the right tries to catch up with the left in terms of organization and funding and aggression, the escalation of tension becomes purposely intimidating and ultimately violent.

               The Democrats cry and moan about the insurrection, and the Republicans cry and moan about the burning cities, but both lack the courage to stand against their own militias. Worse, both directly encourage their own militias. It is a bipartisan hypocrisy, and a threat to American freedom.

               Evil doesn’t become tolerable if it voted for you in November, or tried to intimidate those who voted against you. Evil is evil, and those who dance with it die. And no society which has tolerated political militias has long endured.

               This is not America in 1776, it is Germany in 1932.

               And political leaders who fail to stop this threat will be fundamentally failing the Republic.

               The organizing of individuals to violate the law, even in the name of “protest,” is criminal conspiracy, and has no protection under the Constitution. Peaceful assembly cannot include any sort of violence, and free speech cannot include any sort of physical disruption. The law must be used to push back against these criminal incursions.

               Which is probably why both sides have targeted the police for their ire and intimidation.

               Antifa and the Proud Boys are two peas in the same pod, evil seeds of chaos and mob rule, the eternal enemies of peace and rule of law. They are just today’s manifestations of timeless evil, the dark side of history that seems intent on repeating itself.

               And will, unless both parties denounce it, and the law moves against it.