WIll Anyone Do Anything About The BLM Rt. 490 Protests?!

(8a) Dr. Mendoza Makes a Statement Yesterday and About Testing and you Should Continue to Stay Vigilant about it. Bob Gives his Thoughts, Will anyone do anything about Protests planned today on Rt 490 Protest Planned again for today during Rush Hour?. Bob Takes Your Calls

(9) Livingston County Administrator Ian Coyle Joins Bob To Update The state of Covid in the County and School Reopening. , Dr. Anthony Fauci Thew Out the First Pitch Last Night in Washington DC. And MLB Showed Support Of BLM. Joe Morelle Lashed out at President Trump about Events in Portland. Bob Takes Your Calls.

(10a) Assemblywomen Marjorie Byrnes Joins Bob to talk the state of the NYS Assembly, closing Of Rt 490 at Rush Hour, Bob Takes Your Calls On Police and About the Closure of Rt 490

(11a) Senator Joe Robach Joins The Show to Talk Legislative session and Police reform. Bob Takes your Calls, Listeners On The Loose