NYS Court Appears to Have Dropped the Ball on Rosenbaum Sexual Assault Case

According to Bloomberg Law, New York State's Unified Court System and related parties failed to act on the plaintiff's complaints, and ultimately let the judge walk away. The State Commission on Judicial Conduct closed its investigation once Rosenbaum quit the bench, and nothing of its investigation was turned over to the District Attorney's Office, according to Monroe County DA Sandra Doorley.

The plaintiff, whom we are choosing not to identify, says in her court papers that Justice Rosenbaum demanded she performs oral sex on him in his chambers, telling her it was part of her job to help relieve his stress. This took place more than 60 times between March of 2005 and June of 2009 when she refused to let it continue.

The complaint says Rosenbaum also touched the plaintiff, put his arm around her, made comments about her clothing, and called her demeaning names including “honey” and “sweetie."

That harassment occurred daily in the presence of others and continued even after she told the judge she would no longer accede to his sexual demands. She performed the sex acts under threats to her job and to the custody of her minor son while she was going through divorce proceedings.

She reported the harassment to a number of state officials--many of whom are also named as defendants, but was repeatedly told nothing could be done.

The suit says It wasn’t until late 2019 that State OIG office acted on her complaints-saying it “lost” the first time and Rosenbaum was allowed to resign rather than face discipline.

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