Another Allegation Against Monroe Co. Legislator Ernest Flagler-Mitchell

A 13th woman has come forward with allegations against Monroe County Legislator Ernest Flagler-Mitchell.

The Democratic legislative caucus says the woman described in a written statement that she had asked Flagler-Mitchell for help with a Child Protective Services case. When they met at the County Office building, she says he requested sexual favors behind closed doors.

Her sexual harassment complaint was filed with the NYS Division of Human Rights.

Monroe County Legislator Ernest Flagler-Mitchell says allegations of sexual abuse against him are not true.

In a statement this afternoon, the Democratic legislator says he’s always been one to help people who call on him and that’s what he attempted to do in this instance. He says “unfortunately, we were unable to resolve this individual’s situation favorably, and now she has launched false allegations against me.”

Flager-Mitchell says he has had moments of marital infidelity, but these are personal matters that he and his wife are working through. He called on people to respect his privacy at a critical time.