COVID Toes, Skin Problems Could Last Up To Six Months

Checking the patient's foot

Checking the patient's foot

A new study has found that many patients who have recovered from COVID-19 continue to experience skin problems for up to six months. Researchers analyzed nearly 1,000 cases from the International COVID-19 Dermatology Registry of patients who experienced skin conditions, such as rashes, and swelling of the hands and feet, a condition known as COVID Toes.

They found that many of the patients experienced inflammation and swelling months after recovering. 

"Our findings reveal a previously unreported subset of patients with long-standing skin symptoms from COVID-19, in particular those with COVID toes. This data adds to our knowledge about the long-term effects of COVID-19 in different organ systems," said study author Dr. Esther E. Freeman, director of Global Health Dermatology at Massachusetts General Hospital. "The skin is potentially a visible window into inflammation that could be going on in the body."

While the symptoms in most patients lasted an average of 12 days, one person suffered from COVID toes for over 130 days, while another person dealt with the inflammation and swelling for more than 150 days.

"When we started looking at symptom duration, some of these patients are having really incredibly long-lasting symptoms," Dr. Freeman said. "In particular, we saw that with chilblains, also known as Covid toes, where they've been having skin symptoms for more than 60 days."

Unfortunately, there are no known treatments for the coronavirus-related skin conditions.

Photo: Getty Images