$375 Stimulus Check Going Out To 435,000 Americans

The millions of Americans in need during the pandemic haven't received a stimulus check since they were first issued in March. In May, the House of Representatives passed the HEROES Act, which included a second check, but Congress hasn't been able to agree on the relief package and after months of going back and forth on it, there has been no movement. However, that doesn't mean some people won't be getting a second stimulus check - in fact, 435,000 will!

So who are they? Residents of Colorado for one thing. The state is putting out its own one-time stimulus check, sending $375 to 435,000 citizens who earn less than $52,000 a year, received at least $1 of unemployment since March, and have been eligible for $25 to $500 a week in unemployment benefits.

When he signed an executive order mandating that $168 million of stimulus checks be sent out, Governor Jared Polis stated:

"The economic impacts of COVID-19 are significant, and threaten to undermine the economic stability of many Coloradans and local businesses. The risk of contamination posed by COVID-19 necessitated closure of multiple businesses. Employers and employees in virtually all sectors of the economy have been hard hit. While we have seen indications that our efforts to 'flatten the curve' are working, transmission of the virus continues to threaten Coloradans' way of life and livelihoods."

As for where the money came from - the state is using funds from different areas - $148.9 million from Medical Service Premiums, $13.8 mil from their Disaster Emergency Fund and $5.3 million from their Controlled Maintenance Trust Fund. The checks will be issued by December 4.

No word yet on if other states will follow suit, but Colorado seems to have found a way to get much-needed money to its residents without much legislation, so hopefully others will as well.

In the meantime, no one knows if a federal relief package that includes a second stimulus check will ever come together. If that were to happen, it won't for at least a few weeks since the Senate is adjourned until November 9.

Photo: Getty Images