Gates Police Arrest Man for Burglary and Unlawful Surveillance

Gates Police say a man is facing charges after he allegedly placed two covert cameras in the bedroom and bathroom of a family acquaintance.

Police say they arrested 27-year-old Gary Stopani yesterday for burglary and unlawful surveillance.

Stopani is accused of going to the couples’ home numerous times to change out the Sim card of a camera that looked like a plug in charger that was placed in the bathroom.

Authorities believe the camera had been in the bathroom for the last ten months.

Police say the couple also found a second camera that looked like a cell phone that had been in their bedroom for 24 hours.

Stopani was reportedly working for an “exterminator company “which gave him access to homes and businesses.

Police are asking the public if they recognize Stopani and want their home or business checked for devices, to call the police department.

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