Town and County Tax Payments Pushed Back a Month

Monroe County Executive Adam Bello says county and town tax bills that were due at the end of March will now be due at the end of April, as a concession to the coronavirus emergency.

Taxes will be paid only online, by dropbox or by mail, not in person, and Bello says the usual online processing fee will be waived for everyone.

Bello told a news conference this afternoon (Tues) to continue trying to slow the spread of the disease by staying home as much as possible in compliance with Governor Cuomo's "Pause" for New York State. He said how long we have to stay buttoned up will depend on the health care professionals.

Bello asked employers looking to hire to make sure they use the Rochesterworks website to connect with people who have lost their jobs because of the coronavirus economic slowdown.

Meanwhile, , a partnership of United Way and the county has raided more than $2 million in just eight days to keep non-profits funded so they can provide the expanded services needed during the pandemic. She says grant applications are open and requests for funding are being processed.

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