University of Rochester College Enacts 'Social Distancing' Measures

The University of Rochester is going to online classes for the rest of this school year, too.

A letter to the university community from President Sarah Mangelsdorf says "social distancing" is effective in slowing or stopping the spread of a disease, so the University of Rochester will switch to online classes for most of its undergraduate and graduate students for the rest of the academic year.

Spring break will be extended by two days as students and faculty prepare for the transition, with classes resuming on Wednesday, March 18th. Dorms and student dining services will remain open those two days. Students who are unable to return home due to COVID-19 travel disruptions or for other reasons may continue to live on campus, but must also take their classes online.

That's the case for a student from China, who tells 13 WHAM it would be nearly impossible for her to get home now.

Students are advised to consult with their own schools and departments because each has unique schedules and academic requirements.

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