Now 11 Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in New York

Governor Andrew Cuomo says there are now 11 confirmed cases of the novel Coronavirus in downstate New York.

In a news conference this afternoon, Cuomo said the new patients are a friend of the New Rochelle lawyer who contracted the disease...and the friend's family -- his wife, two sons and a daughter. Health department officials are now tracking down the places they've been and the people THEY were in contact with. The schools attended by the children are closed until Friday at least.

Hundreds of people are now voluntarily quarantined in the New Rochelle/New York City area.

Cuomo says it's not possible to stop all these contacts from spreading the virus....but they are working to limit the spread as much as they can. Cuomo says this outbreak could have happened anywhere in the state; it just happened to be in Westchester County.

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